<h1>Genesis Ii Series Gas Grills</h1>

<h1>Genesis Ii Series Gas Grills</h1>

Genesis Ii Series Gas Grills

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A metal rack inside the grill acts as a warming rack, which we found perfect for warming buns for our burgers or to keep sausages warm while we grilled peppers and onions. When it’s not needed, it folds down out of the way. You don’t have to sacrifice quality when shopping for a compact grill.

This brings us to the LX grill with the largest cooking surface, the six-burner Weber Genesis II LX S-640. It costs $2,000 and scores almost as well as the four-burner model above, although its temperature range wasn't as wide. At 6 feet long, it takes up about as much space as a couch. At $1,300, the six-burner Weber Genesis II E-610 grill has the largest cooking surface of the E-series grills, with room for 28 burgers or more. This is the most expensive in this series, and yet the others in this group performed slightly better overall. So if you aren't cooking for a baseball team, you might want to consider a smaller model.

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Char-Grill has an enclosed cabinet under the grill for the propane and other storage. With its shiny black enameled exterior with chrome accents, the Weber Genesis II E-210 looks handsome and solidly constructed. The built-in thermometer in the lid is large and easy to read. The propane tank gets mounted on the side, allowing for easier access as well as open storage under the grill.

• The propane tank has been relocated to the right side of the grill, making it easier to change, and two of the four casters have been replaced by wheels. Weber revamped its iconic Genesis grill line this year, rolling out eight new grills that step up in size, features, and price, from two-burner to six-burner. To see whether the upgrades are indeed improvements, Consumer Reports bought all of these grills for testing.

For those with small patios or decks, the Weber Genesis II E-210 offers the reliability and sturdy construction of the brand’s bigger and far more expensive options, but in a much smaller unit. Two large wheels on one side and two locking swivel casters on the other make it easy to move the grill to different parts of the patio or deck. Still, the grill isn’t exactly what we’d call portable, as it doesn’t break down to fit into the back of a car for tailgating.